Arushi`s story

Having come through three years of job searching in a new country, Arushi Agerwal 

has every reason to be excited about her future and her story was featured in a news report on NRK earlier this year.

Arushi on NRK, norwegian broadcasting news.

Although I was qualified with the in-demand skills, I didn’t have work experience. That left me stuck in this loop where it was difficult to get a job without relevant experience, and without the job I couldn’t have any experience.

Three years ago I had begun building my career here in a new country. Over that time I had applied to over 20 companies. I was applying to junior positions but not even receiving an interview or a call. That was disappointing and frustrating. I thought that if I go to university here and then look for jobs, maybe I’d have better opportunities.

Arushi in talks with Ana Paula Ellefsen and CEO Sigve Brekke

I kept working on my skill-set, which involved a lot of reading, learning the language and eventually Open Mind happened. It was an amazing feeling to get critical experience through Telenor Open Mind.

Moreover it gave me a confidence boost both personally and professionally and motivation to think about my future and career in technology. For me, it’s proof that every cloud has a silver lining.

Arushi in talks with Ingrid Ihme and CEO Sigve Brekke