What is Telenor Open Mind

Telenor Open Mind is one program with two target groups. Target group 1 is for people with disabilities, and target group 2 for immigrants from non- European countries.

All candidates that apply to the program must have higher education equivalent to Bachelor or Master's studies in relevant subject areas such as: IT, Telecom, HR, Economics, Administration, Sales, Networking, Business and Communication.

The objective of the program is to give the participants the opportunity to get valuable experience that will strengthen their chances to gain access to working life, through relevant work practice and training.

How to apply to the program if you are an immigrant?

Telenor Open Mind collaborates with NAV Tiltak Oslo and NAV Tiltak in Viken region in recruiting participants from this target group, who are immigrants with high education from non-European countries.

To apply for a place in the program, you must be registered as a job seeker at NAV. You must contact the NAV office in your district / municipality and declare with your advisor at NAV that you wish to apply for admission.

It is your advisor at NAV who must pass your application and CV to NAV Tiltak Oslo, or NAV Tiltak in Viken region. Eligible candidates will then be connected to Telenor after a thorough clarification. Eligible applicants are called for an information meeting with NAV after the application deadline.

What is Telenor Open Mind?

A one year program acquiring work experience

During the one-year program, participants will gain valuable knowledge and real work experience, and increase their opportunities to acquire relevant work. The program consists of an initial period of two months with computer training, Project management certification with exam, and coaching courses. After this, participants spend 10 months working for Telenor. The job training is adjusted to the candidates’ educational background, competence and work experiences.

It is important to notice that none of our participants are guaranteed work during or after finished the program! It is therefore an integral part of the program that you apply for jobs along the way.


There are intakes twice a year, spring and autumn.

Application deadline for the next start-up is September 10th. Eligible candidates will be contacted. The start date at Telenor Fornebu is October 8, 2019.