Terms and conditions for My Telenor

About the service

My Telenor app gives you an overview of your subscriptions, usage and invoices. You can also change your subscription, order more data or services.

Data traffic

Requirements for equipment and use of data

Mitt Telenor is available for Android and iOS. To have the latest updated version of the app and content, you must be connected to a wireless network or a mobile network. Any use of My Telenor requires data traffic. This may incur charges. Some changes in the app might require you to log in again.


The user is responsible for the changes any use of the app will have for the customer relationship. If you order or change anything in the app by mistake, you must immediately contact our customer support. If any orders and changes will make delivery of the service start before the right of cancellation has passed (jf. § 21), you will be asked if you want to approve this and accept applicable terms and conditions when ordering in the app to immediately make use of the service. It’s important that you always have updated your contact information in the app, so that we can contact you if there should be anything connected to your subscriptions and services in Telenor. 


Telenor treats and analyzes anonymous data from the mobile device, traffic and app usage. The information is used to make the app better, and to provide you with relevant information in the app's shop-tab.
For analysis Tealium for React Native by Tealium is used together with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Content from third party

To give you the best customer experience we need in some cases to check if you have some apps installed on your phone, such as Vipps. To top up in My Telenor app, you must have Vipps installed.
Telenor can offer links to websites run by third parties in the app, but has no responsibility for the content on those webpages. Links can often appear in conjunction with customer benefits. If you follow these links to a third party web page, you will be sent out of the app and must adhere to the third parties terms and conditions for use of the web page.

Receive alerts

We send you relevant information and offers based on use of your subscriptions and services. This may be billing information, data usage or change of subscription. Alerts are sent via personal tips or app notifications.


It’s your responsibility to always make sure that no unauthorized user get access to your phone, and thus access to your customer relationship in the app. 

Changes to content and terms and conditions

Telenor can always change the terms and conditions for the app. The apps content and functions can also be changed.

Immaterial rights

Telenor is the owner and license holder to all immaterial rights connected to the Mitt Telenor app, including all content published in it. All material is protected by copyright and trademark law. By installing the app you are consenting to not copy the app or use it for any purpose other than the above mentioned ones. You can’t change or decompile the app, or use the app or parts of the app in another program. 

Privacy and contact

You have the right to request access to the information recorded about you. Call us at number 915 09000.

For more information about how Telenor handles your information, see terms.

Otherwise applies the current General Business Terms