Salesforce Superheroes

💡Hey there! You are receiving this because we find you to be an interesting candidate for the Salesforce Superheroes role we currently have open in our IT department at Telenor Norway in Fornebu office.

We appreciate that changing a job is a big decision for any candidate, and that information is key to this process. We also know that the first chats in a process run by very fast. To ensure that all candidates get access to the same information, and can digest this information at their own pace and according to their own interests, we’ve therefore created this info-pack.

Here you can expect to find more information about:

  • Our history as a company - What we do and who we deliver to

  • Why we need a Salesforce Heroes - Our set-up, partners, and capacity in IT

  • Our recruitment process for this role

  • Tips and tricks for the recruitment process We hope you enjoy the read!

Best regards, The Salesforce Heroes Team

The Salesforce Superheroes role in a nutshell

Personal Manager: John Johnsrud, Head of Backend Engineering

Technical Manager: Trym Stubberud-Engmann, Head of Sales Enablement

Location: Telenor Fornebu

Why we hire for the role:

Telenor started using Salesforce back in 2012 and is currently on a journey to expand its use even further. We have one of the Nordic’s largest and most advance footprints on Salesforce and have several instances of Salesforce with full utilization of:

  • Sales Cloud

  • Service Cloud

  • Experience Cloud

  • Marketing Cloud

  • Personalization Studio

  • CRM Analytics

  • Coms Cloud (Vlocity)

Our Story

Since the middle of the 19th century, Telenor has been on a journey full of technological adventures, with one goal in mind: to bind Norway together and people to what matters most. It is a story about telegraphy, radio, telephony, 5G and WiFi.

We have been involved since the beginning, building and developing each technology. Line by line. Net by net. First at home, then abroad - just like our ancestors before us.

The ones who dared.

Our digital life today is founded on the efforts of these technological pioneers, and every day at Telenor, we continue to build on their groundbreaking work. Now, as we find ourselves in a digital transition, we are presented with unprecedented opportunities to shape the future of Norway for the world of tomorrow.

Our IT Department

Our purpose has never been more relevant. In the coming decade, the digital shift will accelerate and become true for all of us.

Telenor is here to empower societies and connect you to what matters most, and in the coming years that means being a force for digitalisation and sustainability.

Said differently: We are enabling the digital shift to be greensafe and for all.

IT has become an integral part of Telenor's central nervous system. Our IT agenda is like an ecosystem with strong interdisciplinary efforts and autonomous teams delivering solutions that truly resonate.

In order to make our vision come true, we need you - we need people who dare to challenge us, our existing way of thinking and working.

As a developer in Telenor, you should see blue skies. You will work together with other developers and designers, but also together with the business - and closely with the target groups. You will experience being part of a team that makes a valuable difference on a daily basis. I believe this is a proof of an organization capable of change.

— Torbjørn Larsen (CIO Telenor)
IT Telenor

Some of what you can expect if you join us in 2024

Working at Telenor is not only about further developing and creating important solutions, but as a Telenor employee we want you as a specialist to develop, learn and have a working day where you feel valued and safe.

We can offer you this:

  • A working environment where trust and culture are central. You will be listened to and supported by a team of experts with a high level of professional pride within various professional environments. You always have people around you who are willing to lend a hand. At Telenor, people are the most important thing we have, so we work continuously and persistently to create a culture and an environment where you should feel good.

  • A flexible working day with full flexibility to work where you want. A well-equipped digital rig makes it possible to work at home or from the cabin whenever you want - but we also have great premises and thrive together, so it's really nice to meet at work too!

  • The opportunity to learn a lot and create a career path in the direction you want. Telenor means development for you who have ambitions to grow and learn through taking responsibility and initiative.

  • As most technologists, you probably have your own preferences in relation to work tools/platforms, and with us you can of course choose what suits you best, whether it is Mac, Windows or Linux-based.

  • And then all the things that are actually hygiene factors: Good pay, very good schemes for pensions, insurance and parental leave, Christmas and Easter holidays in addition to normal holidays, company cabins throughout Norway, sports teams for everything from cricket, paddling, golf and yoga, training center at job - and not least a comfortable working day in top modern premises with social zones, a library with a sea view, superb canteens, coffee bars and your own jetty for morning baths if you like that sort of thing!

🧩 Our recruitment process from A-Z

  • 👋 Short Phone call with Trym

    Duration: 15-30 minutes

    Format: Phone call Your first touch-point is with Trym. In this call, we are interested in getting insights into your background, motivation as well as offer the chance for you to ask relevant questions. If you are really interested in us and want to start the process right away, we can skip this step.

  • 🤝 1st Meeting with Trym (and John)

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Format: Video call

    This is a first, more informal interview with Trym where the focus will be on your background, what you will bring to Telenor and what you are triggered by. In addition he will try to answer your main questions about the role and/or the company. We highly encourage you to read through this page before your first call with Trym.

  • ✍️ 2nd Interview (Coding Talk & Personality Readback)

    Duration: 2 hours in total (60 minutes for Coding Talk and 60 minutes for Readback)

    Format: Face to Face meeting in Telenor Fornebu

    Coding Talk: Trym will be leading this session, potentially together with another member from Sales Enablement team. The topic would be focusing on your knowledge about Salesforce as well as your reflection on some coding case we would like to discuss with you.

    Personality Readback: During this session John, Trym and Linh would like to learn as much as possible about you in a work-related setting, focusing on competencies we see as strongly correlated with success in the Salesforce SuperHeroes role. The interview is run with focus on results from a personality assessment we have asked you to complete in advance, and will demand appr. 60 minutes. y. All the tests we use are DNV GL certified and delivered by Aon.

  • ⛳ References check

    To close off the process we run a reference check. You can expect to be asked for three references, ideally, previous managers and/or people you have been working closely with over time.

  • 🎊 Offer

    If you have come to this point of the process you can expect to get an offer sent over, and we hope you’ll join the team! ✨

💯 How you can secure your spot on our team

Read over the job description. To get ready for your interviews, read through the job description and make sure you know what is expected of the role.

Everyone loves a candidate who does their homework! Do some research on who you'll be meeting, and do some reading on Telenor as a company, business, and product, as well as anything else you find relevant to read up on. This page is a good starting point.

Listen carefully. If you don't fully understand a question, please ask! You can ask the interviewer to clarify or rephrase their question. Also, feel free to tell your interviewer you need a moment to collect your thoughts.

Be concise. Communication is important in all of our roles at Telenor. ****We recommend being thorough but concise. In general, we'd like to hear about fewer things but in more detail. We want to hear about the details of the challenges you've encountered and what exactly you did. It's helpful for us to hear about outcomes and impact and not just inputs.

Come with questions. The recruitment process is your chance to interview Telenor as well. We value curiosity, and try to set aside some time in each interview to answer your questions.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have in the next step of your process with us! 🙌

Kjetil Gardaasen Telenor