Vendors with a Norwegian organisation number must send invoices and credit notes to Telenor in the electronic format PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0. This applies to all Norwegian Telenor companies that accept this format. In exceptional cases, we will accept and process invoices received on e-mail or paper.


Invoice requirements

All invoices must contain at least information in accordance with the accounting regulations (

Beyond the minimum requirement, Telenor expects the following information to be included on the invoice:

  • Supplier's name

  • Supplier's organisation number

  • For suppliers registered in the VAT register, the organisation number must be followed by the letters VAT.

  • Bank account number

  • Invoice number (unique to vendor)

  • Invoice Date

  • Due date

  • Buyer's name

  • Buyer's organisation number

  • Reference, order number, name of contact person or e-mail address

  • Item line description, unit (PCs, box, etc.)

  • Unit price

  • Number

  • Product Line Amount

  • Net invoice amount

  • Other government fees, e.g. environmental fee

  • VAT amount, per VAT rate

  • Total invoice amount incl. VAT

  • Invoices from foreign suppliers must also have information on:

    • IBAN and BIC (Swift)

    • Currency

Invoices that do not meet the form requirements for invoices cannot be expected to be processed.

In case of missing reference on invoice, the invoice will be returned.


Sending an invoice to Telenor

Electronic invoice

The invoice and credit note must be addressed to the relevant Telenor Company (buyer).

 BIS SchemeID = 0192: <buyer's Norwegian organisation number>

 See list of valid electronic invoice recipients:


Organisation number

Telenor Networks Holding AS


Telenor Shared Services AS


Telenor Communication II AS




Telenor ASA


Telenor Mobile Communications AS


Telenor Satellite AS


Telenor Svalbard AS


Telenor Norge AS


Telenor Infra AS


Telenor Nordic Towers AS


Telenor Fiber AS


Telway AS


For other details, see overview in the ELMA registry

Electronic invoice attachments must be delivered as part of XML and be Base64 encoded.

Other delivery method - Telenor's invoice address

If electronic invoice cannot be delivered, the invoice can be sent by e-mail to

Valid e-mail attachment formats are either PDF or TIFF.

Send only one document (with invoice and attachment) per invoice.

Please note that this e-mail address is only used for e-mailing PDF/TIFF invoices - no comments, questions or requests will be replied.

In exceptional cases, invoices can be sent by mail to:

<current Telenor company>

c/o Fakturamottak

Postboks 4459

8608 MO I RANA

Suppliers without a Norwegian organisation number can send invoices in the following format:

  1. via the PEPPOL BIS format

  2. as e-mail with PDF attachments


Questions regarding invoicing of Telenor

For questions related to the status of payment of invoices etc. - please contact our invoice service department by e-mail: