Trondheim to become Norway’s biggest 5G city

Telenor announces that Trondheim will become the first major city in Norway to receive 5G. Starting this summer, the construction of a number of 5G base stations will commence.
Sigve Brekke, President & CEO of Telenor Group and Ingeborg Øftshus, CTO og Telenor Norway during the 5G presentation in Trondheim.

(Trondheim, 27 March 2019) Telenor announces that Trondheim will become the first major city in Norway to receive 5G. Starting this summer, the construction of a number of 5G base stations will commence.

“Early experimentation with 5G is important for Norwegian innovation power and competitiveness. At Telenor, we want to stay in front of development within 5G, IoT and AI. Once we have expanded 5G technology into Trondheim, it’s not only mobile technology that is “coming home”: we can see it becoming among the leading high-tech municipalities in Scandinavia,” says Sigve Brekke, President and CEO of Telenor.

Telenor’s biggest 5G project

Trondheim will be the first major city in the country to receive 5G, and it will also represent Telenor’s biggest 5G project to date. By connecting the city to the super network of the future, it will open up major technological opportunities for both private customers and businesses. Lightning fast speeds, minimal delays and a more reliable network means that the residents of Trondheim have a lot to look forward to.

“Trondheim is known within Norway as a technology capital and a hive of ideas. This coming year will be an exciting time for the city, and we look forward to learning and exploring new opportunities together with the municipality, its companies, research teams, and its residents,” says Brekke.
Sigve Brekke, President & CEO of Telenor Group met the media during the 5G presentation in Trondheim.

Building the smart city of the future

In Trondheim, there is a close partnership between the municipality, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the business community to create a sustainable smart city equipped for the future. Consequently, it is necessary to carry out experiments and run tests, and thanks to 5G Trondheim will be uniquely positioned to develop new solutions.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Trondheim and an important step on our way to becoming an internationally renowned city of knowledge and technology. With 5G, we will have a high tech toolbox to take digitalisation to the next level,” says Morten Wolden, Councilman of Trondheim municipality.

Compared with 4G, 5G is a more advanced and innovative technology with far more capacity, higher speeds and quicker response times. The new super network will provide Norwegians with access to features and services that have never before been available. The new mobile technology will enable fibre optic communication speeds and make it available in your pocket.

“5G technology could fundamentally impact several critical societal functions, such as traffic management, health services, and important communications services like emergency communication networks. Trondheim certainly has exciting times ahead,” says Brekke.

Making space for 5G

Today, Telenor’s 4G network provides coverage to 99.8 per cent of the population. The majority of the cellular traffic currently run on 4G, while just a small number of users still use the 3G network on a daily basis. The frequencies on the network will be used solely for 4G and 5G going forward, which means it is necessary to make space for the super network of the future. The 3G network in Trondheim will be phased out on a gradual basis from 5 August 2019. Telenor wants to emphasise that the company will ensure an optimal transitionary solution for affected customers.

”Trondheim will now become part of the digital transformation, and we will ensure that every single customer feels like they are being taken care of and receives all the information they need. The new network will enable brand new opportunities, and we hope that residents are looking forward to testing out the solutions of tomorrow”, says Brekke.

Ericsson on the team

Telenor’s strategy is to test 5G in partnership with various suppliers. In Trondheim, Ericsson will be providing both the 5G equipment and technical installation services, just as is the case in the 5G town of Elverum.

“We are focused on finding the best solutions, and by cooperating with Ericsson we get to enjoy the benefit of their expertise. We have had a great partnership for several years, and are looking forward to an exciting joint initiative where we will put both Trondheim and Elverum in the driver's seat of the mobile network of the future,” says Ingeborg Øfsthus, Telenor CTO.

Invitation to 5G competition

Telenor is now looking for companies in Trondheim who are interested in testing the super network of the future, and is encouraging businesses to register their interest.

“We want to test multiple areas of application for 5G and are now on the look out for innovative companies who want to explore and learn together with us. 5G will provide them with a lightning fast, stable network with low delays. The potential is enormous, and 5G will also open up a host of business opportunities,” says Øfsthus.

You can read more about Telenor’s 5G competition here:

5 Reasons for 5G

  1. 5G makes the world’s fastest network even faster
  2. 5G provides more capacity
  3. 5G is secure and stable
  4. 5G is more reliable
  5. 5G enables news opportunities

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