Three steps closer to 5G

During a press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, Telenor presented three new mobile features

(Barcelona, 24 February 2016) During a press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, Telenor presented three new mobile features.

There are several stages on the path to fifth generation mobile networks (5G), and Telenor is ahead of the pack in Europe thanks to its increase of network speeds through the launch of 4G++, the roll out of 4G Voice and the introduction of WiFI Voice. 

‘For want of a better word, I use evolution to describe the rapid mobile network development being undertaken by Telenor. We’re investing heavily and implementing effective measures to reinforce the mobile network. During the course of 2016 and 2017 we will upgrade the mobile network across Norway to make 4G available anywhere where there is mobile coverage at present. The technologies we are now launching will provide our customers with far better mobile experiences,’ says CEO of Telenor Norway, Berit Svendsen. 

Even higher speeds in 12 towns and cities
Telenor is the first mobile operator in Norway to combine three different mobile frequencies meaning that speeds of up to 450 Mbps can be reached. As of now, Telenor will be combining the frequencies at all mobile base stations that offer the three frequencies. During the first quarter of 2016 Telenor will activate 4G++ at 650 base stations in over 50 municipalities. 

This includes Greater Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Sandnes, Kristiansand, Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg, Porsgrunn, Skien, Ålesund and Bodø.

70,000 customers have 4G Voice
Telenor will also be releasing 4G Voice to its customers at the same time.

‘Following successful testing, we are now focussing on a heavy roll out of 4G Voice. There are already 70,000 customers enjoying the benefits of the service - this applies to those with smartphones with 4G Voice support provided by Sony and Samsung. During the course of the year, customers with iPhones that support 4G Voice will also benefit from the technology. Two per cent of voice traffic on Telenor’s mobile network is already using 4G Voice,’ says Berit Svendsen.

Better indoor coverage
Telenor will be the first operator in Norway to launch WiFi Voice during the spring, which will be significant for indoor coverage. 

‘Good indoor coverage is often difficult to achieve, and several of our customer unfortunately find that mobile calling and text messaging are not possible indoors. This is often because construction materials prevent mobile signal from penetrating buildings. This can occur in both businesses and private homes,’ says Bjørn Ivar Moen, head of the Mobile Division at Telenor Norway.

However, most Norwegian homes and businesses do have WiFi networks - often a good one. WiFi Voice is based on using the WiFi network instead of the mobile network to make calls and send text messages. This allows mobile users to make calls and sent text messages in locations where there is currently no mobile coverage. 

‘We are currently testing the technology, and the feedback has been positive. We are now going to fine tune the functionality of the service and expand testing prior to launching this service for our customers. And just as with 4G Voice, WiFi Voice will automatically be included in customers’ subscription - there will be no extra cost,’ says Bjørn Ivar Moen. 

Telenor will first be making WiFi Voice available to users of Samsung and Sony mobile phones that support the technology. Support for WiFi Voice will eventually be provided to iPhone users.

Facts about 4G++
• 4G++ combines three frequency bands on the mobile network. This provides download speeds of up to 450 Mbps and 100 Mbps upload speeds.
• The technology will be available to customers with mobile phones that support 4G++ (CAT9/CAT10).
• Telenor is expanding its full network with several frequencies and combining up to three frequencies on bands 800 (10 MHz), 1800 (30 MHz) and 2600 MHz (40 MHz). Speeds will be dependent on which bands are available in an area.

Facts about 4G Voice
• Even better indoor coverage.
• Quicker connection times when making calls, down to 2-3 seconds (previously 7-10 seconds).
• Better calling quality and reduced background noise (sound in HD quality).
• Continuous 4G browsing, even during calls.

Facts about WiFi Voice
• WiFi Voice is based on the same calling platform as current mobile calling, and makes it possible to seamlessly move between WiFi Voice and 4G Voice.
• The service provides HD Voice and rapid connection times, and you can talk and browse using the WiFi network simultaneously. There are already a number of apps and services that provide calling via WiFi networks. In contrast to these apps, WiFi Voice is integrated into the phone menu. This means that you can make calls using the green button as usual and call anyone you would otherwise call using traditional mobile calling.
• With WiFi Voice you avoid downloading an app and you are not reliant on the person you are talking to having the same app.
• The service will work on all types of WiFi networks - you do not have to receive your WiFi from Telenor. However, there will be a priority setting on WiFi networks supplied by Telenor so that WiFi Voice traffic take priority over other traffic on the WiFi network. This will only be available for use in Norway in the first instance.

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