Telenor is launching Family Bonus: more data for the whole family

A Family Bonus for every Telenor product and an app which helps you organise your family life — the perfect mobile solution for Norwegian families.
Bonus for every Telenor product and an app which helps you organise your family life — the perfect mobile solution for Norwegian families,  Bjørn Ivar Moen, Head of Mobile at Telenor Norway told the press on Thursday.

(Fornebu, 12 October 2017) A Family Bonus for every Telenor product and an app which helps you organise your family life — the perfect mobile solution for Norwegian families.

Telenor wants to make things simpler and more flexible for children and adults by introducing Family Bonus and the My Family app. With Family Bonus, customers will get extra data every month — at no extra cost.

– With Family Bonus, you can bring together everyone in your family and all their Telenor products. Deciding who to include is completely up to you — dad, mum, aunt, daughter, son or best friend. The members do not even have to be related to each other. The more products you use, the more extra mobile data you get to share with your members. And there's no limit on how many members you can have in your "family", says Bjørn Ivar Moen, Head of Mobile at Telenor Norway.

For every Telenor product used by the family, they get 0.5 GB of bonus data every month. When you include all of the products a family will use, it won't be long until the GBs of bonus data mount up. You can activate Family Bonus and distribute the data in the My Telenor app. The family receives bonus data when they have three or more products between them.

– All the extra mobile data is put into one pot, and the family decides how this should be distributed between its members, explains Moen. He emphasises that with Family Bonus, everyone in the family will still have their own subscription with their own data allowance, and will also receive extra bonus data every single month.

Mums are getting more stressed
Part of the family package is the My Family app, which includes a shared calendar for the whole family, a shared shopping list and much more. According to a survey carried out by Kantar TNS for Telenor, four out of ten parents say they could do with help organising their lives.

– The people who most want to receive help say that the job of coordinating and organising family activities has become more stressful. Today, parents mainly use messages and text-message reminders, yellow post-its and paper calendars to organise their family life, explains Moen.

According to the survey, the stress of coordinating family activities is felt more by mums than dads.

– Forgetting plans and remembering to buy what you need for dinner are the most common challenges in our stressful family lives, closely followed by being able to find important documents or passwords. If this all sounds familiar, and you find that you can't keep track of all the pick-ups, voluntary work, sports activities and meetings, the My Family app effortlessly synchronises all your activities and puts all your documents and passwords in one place, says Moen.

My Family brings everything together in one app: calendars, shopping lists, meetings, passwords, the ability to see where everyone is, and much more.

– My Family helps you organise family life in a smart, fast and easy way, says Moen. He points out that the app is currently available in a beta version, and that Telenor wants to receive feedback from customers using the app to help them make it even better.

How Family Bonus works
• For every Telenor product, the family receives 0.5 GB of bonus data every month. The family needs a minimum of three products to qualify for Family Bonus. • If members have a mobile subscription with Telenor (business or individual), SWAP, broadband, home phone or other Telenor products, the extra data for sharing will quickly mount up.
• Family Bonus can be activated in the My Telenor app by owners of an individual mobile subscription. All the owner's numbers and products will automatically be included.
• For more data, you can invite more members or buy more products. • Members share the extra data between themselves via My Telenor.
• Family Bonus has Data Rollover, which applies to data included in the subscription.
• You can only be a member of one Family Bonus group at a time. • Family Bonus is free of charge, and the owner is not required to do anything special. There are no limits to the number of members.
• The members do not have to be related to each other. You can include brothers, sisters, friends, neighbours, aunts and uncles, or even the whole football team if you want. Deciding who to include in your Family Bonus is completely up to you. Telenor does not restrict how many members you can have.
• If you have a business subscription, you can contribute to the pot, but not take anything out of it.

Products which give you bonus data
• Mobile subscription (individual or business, old plans or new plans) • Mobile broadband and SWAP
• Cable broadband and home phone. Each product gives you 0.5 GB of bonus data
Telenor Kontant is not included. Only applies to Telenor products: Canal Digital, Talkmore and Dipper are not included

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