Ookla: ‘Telenor has the fastest mobile network in the world’

Telenor Norway has the fastest mobile network in the world, according to Ookla, which analyses the speeds from tests conducted by mobile customers.
Doug Suttles, CEO of Ookla, announce that Telenor Norway has the fastest mobile network in the world. Photo: Martin Fjellanger

(Fornebu, 28 August 2018) Telenor Norway has the fastest mobile network in the world, according to Ookla, which analyses the speeds from tests conducted by mobile customers.

If you have ever tried to check the speed of either your broadband or mobile Internet connection then you have most probably used Speedtest® by Ookla®. Recent measurements in Q2 2018 carried out using the Speedtest app show that Telenor has the world’s fastest mobile network.

Doug Suttles, CEO of Ookla, comments on the result:

”When one considers the sheer number of networks on any continent, let alone on the whole planet, this accomplishment is truly staggering. Telenor Norway has set the standard that other mobile operators should strive for.”

Genuine measurements from genuine users

Approximately 120, 000 speed tests were carried out in Norway during the second quarter this year. The fact that Telenor’s mobile customers themselves have tested the speed under conditions they normally use their mobile phones, makes these tests extra valuable and reliable. The average speed from all these measurements are then compared with figures for other mobile operators from around the world.

Berit Svendsen, CEO of Telenor Norway and EVP of Telenor’s Scandinavia Cluster, says that the result is a milestone in Norwegian mobile history and serves as a powerful source of inspiration.

”We’re talking about millions of measurements conducted in almost every country on the planet. When you consider that Norwegian mobile users live in a long and narrow country with a challenging topography, we are particularly proud. We have followed our ambitious expansion plans and we will continue to do so,” says Svendsen.

Customers pushing for more

Norway is a long and narrow country broken up by high mountains and deep fjords. At the same time, Norwegians build their homes and cabins well off the beaten path but still have the same high expectations when it comes to mobile coverage. This makes the expansion of mobile coverage a challenging task.

Berit Svendsen believes that ambitious goals, a unique roll-out strategy and long-term investment are the reasons why Telenor’s mobile network in Norway now is world number one.

”Our customers are pushing us to give them the best mobile experience possible - they expect services to work all the time regardless of where they happen to be. Telenor invests more than NOK 4 billion into its network on an annual basis.Our tech specialists have been working very hard on the 4G upgrade, which is almost complete, and we are well underway with our preparations for 5G. The mobile adventure continues”, says Berit Svendsen.

In the measurements from Ookla, Telenor's customers achieved download speeds of 72.05 Mbps.

Telenor’s population coverage for 4G is now 99.4 per cent.

Overview of the world's fastest mobile networks:

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