Mobile pulse: Record number of pictures in the cloud

The number of Min Sky users in Norway has passed 300,000 and more than 300 million pictures and videos have been uploaded to Min Sky. Now the service is being launched in other countries too.

(Fornebu, 11 September 2015) The number of Min Sky users in Norway has passed 300,000 and more than 300 million pictures and videos have been uploaded to Min Sky. Now the service is being launched in other countries too.

Telenor has never before experienced such widespread interest in cloud storage.
‘The success is particularly because many people want to keep their pictures safe for the future. At the same time, we have worked hard to make the service easier to use and understand than competing solutions. For many people, it is important that Min Sky is effective, secure and a simple way to free up capacity on their mobile, so that their phone doesn’t get full,’ says Bjørn Ivar Moen, head of the Mobile division at Telenor Norway. 

Avoiding lost memories
It is too late for hindsight if you are unfortunate enough to have your mobile stolen or if your PC hard drive gives up, whether that is because of old equipment or accidents such as fire or water damage. Many people have experienced not getting back pictures or films from important milestones in their life. 

‘My clear advice is to ensure that all pictures that you have on your mobile, PC or tablet are secured. You are risking the loss of irreplaceable files filled with memories forever if your equipment is lost or breaks,’ says Moen.

Min Sky goes international
Min Sky was launched early last year, and quickly became the trendsetting cloud-based storage service in Norway. Now Telenor is taking the service to other countries. Min Sky has launched under the name of Capture in Thailand, Malaysia and Sweden - and Telenor is continuing the roll-out. 

‘We are naturally proud that a Norwegian-developed product is being made available in other countries where Telenor operates. It is also part of our model of exchanging experiences across markets,’ says Bjørn Ivar Moen.

‘We take photos and film videos of important events in our lives using our mobiles, and we share them via social media. At the same time, many people are unsure about how to share their files. Min Sky is a direct response to this requirement, and it isn’t just in Norway that there is a growing need for a service like this,’ says Moen. 

Telenor is the only Norwegian mobile operator to offer a service that stores pictures and files on your mobile, tablet, PC or Mac. Telenor customers receive a Min Sky storage allowance as part of their subscription. Min Sky is a service that is available to all, although there are additional benefits available by being a Telenor customer.

Mine Kontakter reaches 500,000
Another inclusive service provided by Telenor has reached a milestone: 

‘We have reached half a million users of the service Mine Kontakter. Perhaps unsurprisingly - it is free and ensures that you always have your contacts in case you lose your mobile or it is destroyed,’ says Bjørn Ivar Moen. 

With Mine Kontakter, mobile customers always have a copy of their mobile contacts stored with Telenor. The service makes it easy to transfer mobile contacts from one mobile to another. The contacts can be found by mobile users through their Mine Sider account, which also allows them to prune their contacts list and remove duplicate contacts who appear more than once in the list.
Telenor’s mobile customers with smartphones can download the app Mine Kontakter through the AppStore, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.

Min Sky
• Pictures and other files are encrypted so that they are unreadable by others prior to being sent from your mobile, PC or tablet. In addition, everything you store in Min Sky is protected by your personal username and password.
• The amount of space taken up by pictures depends on the camera resolution. On average, there is capacity for approximately 400 photos per GB.
• Storage on a physical device, such as a PC, USB stick or external hard drive, involves a risk because something unforeseen could happen, such as fire, water damage or theft.
• If you are a Telenor mobile subscriber, download the Min Sky app from your app store to get your inclusive storage allowance.
• If you have broadband or mobile broadband provided by Telenor, download the Min Sky app and then log in to your Mine Sider account to obtain the inclusive storage allowance.