Mobile pulse: How to protect your mobile phone

Individuals and companies are being subjected to cybercrime threats from entities that are getting even more advanced. Telenor believes the time has come to secure your mobile phone and tablet and is launching a new security service for mobiles.

(Fornebu, 26 June 2015) Individuals and companies are being subjected to cybercrime threats from entities that are getting even more advanced. Telenor believes the time has come to secure your mobile phone and tablet and is launching a new security service for mobiles.

New technology provides criminals with new opportunities. Today's tablets and smartphones are used for everything was previously reserved for computers only. We browse the Internet, update social media, store documents and pay for goods and services. The quantity of information we store on mobiles and tablets can make them coveted targets for unauthorised persons.

'The threat level on the Internet has become much more complicated and some operators are more sophisticated than they were a few years ago. What used to be childish pranks have evolved into a cyber arena where criminals are hunting for money and engaging in ID and information theft. Organised criminals pretend to be your bank or someone else that you normally trust to get you to disclose sensitive information,' says Bjørn Ivar Moen, Head of Telenor Norway's Mobile division.

Launching for Android
Many people also use their mobile phone or tablet for work purposes without using antivirus protection. This turns mobiles and tablets into potential prey.

'Having your mobile phone taken over by criminals might lead to the loss of sensitive personal and corporate data. One danger that we have so far been spared from in Norway, but which is prevalent in other countries, is unauthorised individuals being in a position to send expensive text messages to premium rate services that they earn money from,' says Moen.

Telenor is now launching a security service that is integrated into the Mitt Telenor app. The security service will run on the phone in the background at all times and will provide you with improved protection against viruses and infected websites.

'We are currently rolling the service out to personal customers who use Android phones,' says Moen.

Antivirus and secure browsing
• The security features in the Mitt Telenor app consist of two services: Antivirus and Sikker surf (Secure Surfing).
• Antivirus will automatically scan apps and files on your phone for malware. If Mitt Telenor finds infected applications of files, you will be notified and able to immediately delete the infected contents.
• As long as the antivirus protection is turned on in the Mitt Telenor app, it will run in the background and help to secure your mobile at all times.
• With Sikker surf, Mitt Telenor will warn you if you browse onto websites that are malicious or infected.
• Both Sikker surf and Antivirus can be turned off:

'No security solution offers 100 per cent protection. The best protection you have is to think carefully about and be aware of general security when you are in cyberspace. We especially recommend that you are very careful when downloading files and applications from unknown sources,' says Moen.

Six tips to improve your security
1. Use a screen lock: It is important that you use some kind of screen lock to lock your physical phone. The PIN code you have to enter to use the SIM card when you turn on the phone stops no one from gaining access to what you have stored on your phone when it is switched on. Make sure you also use a screen lock password, finger print lock or another lock mechanism offered by the phone. The most important thing is that no one should be able to gain direct access to your phone if you lose it or it is stolen.

2. Be critical of what you install: It is smart to be a little sceptical about which apps you download, particularly if you use an Android phone. In contrast to the Apple App Store, where everything is manually checked before being published, apps posted on Google Play are only checked using electronic tests. This means that infected apps can slip through security checks more easily. If you download apps that have lots of good reviews and many users, this can be an indication that the app is safe, but you should still think through the personal data and security implications of doing so. But if you are unsure - or want to try brand new apps that no one else has used, reviewed or commented on, or you download apps from places other than Google Play, make sure you have a security solution installed in advance, such as the security features offered by the Mitt Telenor app.

3. Keep everything updated: Always download new updates to your phone for both the operating system and the applications that you have installed. This can provide great new features, but first and foremost it is important because updates like this often close security holes.

4. Make copies: More and more people are storing their lives on their phones, with pictures, contacts, documents and lots of other personal stuff of great value. This is why it is well worth synchronising this data with a secure cloud services like Min Sky, which offers simple, secure storage of photos, and Mine Kontakter, which provides simple, secure storage of your contacts.

5. Use good, strong passwords: Use a good password that is not too short. It should include at least ten characters, but you could of course put together random words into one string. It is also easier to remember than you might think. Also try to use different passwords for different online services and use two-step verification where it is supported.

6. Stop for a second: Be wary if you are asked to do or install something that you have not asked for. Where you are physically when browsing the web can also pose a potential risk. If you are browsing on an open network and sending things like bank information across an unencrypted connection, this can in theory be captured by unknown third parties. If you use an encrypted service on websites, then there is less risk of unauthorised people seeing what you are doing.

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