Mobile pulse: 650,000 Directors of Coverage on Telenor’s network

Several hundred thousand customers with newer iPhones will now have access to WiFi Calling. The service will make it possible to make calls without mobile coverage.

(Fornebu, 13 December 2016) Several hundred thousand customers with newer iPhones will now have access to WiFi Calling. The service will make it possible to make calls without mobile coverage.

Apple has now activated the necessary software in Norway for Telenor’s private and business customers. This provides support for WiFi Calling on the iPhone 6 and all newer models released by the phone producer.

Telenor is the first operator in Norway to offer WiFi Calling, a technology which helps anyone with poor indoor coverage trying to make a call. Many buildings are insulated and constructed in such a way that mobile signal cannot penetrate inside. If you suffer from poor mobile coverage at work or at home, it is now possible to use your WiFi network to make calls and send messages. There is no app to download - all you have to do is use your mobile as usual.

Telenor’s coverage survey shows that 10 per cent of mobile users in Norway often suffer from poor indoor coverage. WiFi Calling acts as a supplement to calls over the mobile network.

Simple transition from the mobile network
‘We know that this service will be embraced by many Norwegians. Indoor coverage for making calls is a challenge for many customers around Norway. With WiFi Calling, you will be your own Director of Coverage with your own base station in the room,’ says Bjørn Ivar Moen (@Mobilsjefen), head of the mobile division at Telenor.

If you have one of the mobiles that supports WiFi Calling, you must download the latest software for it. You should then go to general settings and switch the WiFi Calling button to on. The service switches seamlessly from WiFi to 4G and vice versa so that calls are not interrupted when you move in and out of areas with mobile coverage.

Even better indoor coverage
Ove Fredheim (@ove_way), CMO Business at Telenor, says that he has met many business customers who struggle with poor coverage in large office buildings containing lots of concrete and glass.

‘It’s been a fantastic experience to see their delight at gaining full indoor coverage in such a simple way. It’s very significant in terms of confidence and flexibility during the working day, as well offering them the opportunity to start using new and future mobile solutions that ensure more efficient communication and ways of working,’ says Fredheim.

4G Calling

Earlier this year, Telenor made it possible to make calls on the 4G network. The fourth generation mobile network (4G) was previously only for data and Internet browsing, but thanks to new technology customers are now able to place calls while on 4G. 4G Calling is now automatically included on all newer models of iPhone.

4G Calling also provides better indoor coverage, better call quality without background noise and faster connections of calls.

Facts about WiFi Calling

  • WiFi Calling ensures that customers can make calls and send text message in the same way they usually do while using WiFi networks across Norway. You do not need to download any apps to use the service.
  • WiFi access will provide access to the mobile network even when there is no mobile coverage.
  • WiFi Calling effectively works on any WiFi network and broadband connection, regardless of which ISP supplies the connection where you live.
  • If you are already a Telenor fixed broadband customer, we have ensured that WiFi Calling traffic will take top priority over all other internet traffic to ensure you always have the best user experience.
  • Mobile phones that support WiFi Calling:
iPhone 7 PlusS7 (early 2017) Sony Z5 Premium
iPhone 7S7 Edge (early 2017)Sony Z5
iPhone 6S6*Sony Z5 Compact
iPhone 6 PlusS6 Edge *Xperia X
iPhone 6S S6 Edge Plus*Xperia XZ
iPhone 6S Plus A3* (late 2016) Xperia X Compact
iPhone SEA5* (late 2016) Xperia X Performance

*Using Telenor version

  • Models due for release featuring WiFi Calling: Huawei Mate 9 Pro (Q1 2017)
  • WiFi Calling does not currently work abroad.
  • WiFi Calling is included in all Telenor mobile subscriptions (excluding prepaid), and uses your calling minutes in the same way as standard calls over the mobile network.

  • For further information, please contact:
    Anders Krokan, PR Manager at Telenor, Tel.: +47 952 09 037, Email: