Terms and conditions for mobile services

The following terms and conditions apply to mobile services from 1. March 2015. The terms and conditions written in Norwegian shall take priority over those in English in the event of any dispute.

These terms and conditions apply to Telenor's supply of mobile services to private customers in Norway. These terms and conditions supplement Telenor Norway AS’ general terms and conditions.

Access to services

A subscription provides access to Telenor's mobile network within Telenor's applicable coverage area in Norway at any given time. The customer is entitled to receive the general service and those services they have agreed with Telenor. Use abroad is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable operator

Limitations on use – voice subscriptions

Voice minutes and messages (SMS/MMS) are for private use only. Voice minutes and messages (SMS/MMS) should not be created by machine, e.g. as a series of identical messages, and they should also not be used for commercial activities including marketing.

Interest free instalment payments

If the customer has entered into a repayment agreement over 24 months, the customer may settle the outstanding balance in full at any time. Upon termination within the first 12 months, a fee will be incurred in addition to the balance outstanding for the phone/equipment becoming due for payment.

Change of subscription

If the customer has entered into a fixed term subscription, they may change to a different subscription without incurring cancellation fees if the new subscription is also subject to a fixed term and has a monthly cost equal to or greater than the original subscription.

Data use, calls and broadband

The speed of the mobile network will depend on a number of conditions. Coverage, how many people are using the network at once, and whether you are indoors or outdoors may all have an impact on the speed you experience. Speed is also contingent on which subscription you have. After you have used the included data in your subscription, the speed will be adjusted down in accordance with the agreement for your subscription. The adjustment will be applicable for the remainder of the month. Data is for private use only.

Upgrades and configuration

Telenor may store and amend configuration settings and other relevant parameters on customer equipment sold together with a Telenor Mobile Broadband subscription. Telenor may also undertake upgrades to the software. Such changes and upgrades will not ordinarily be noticeable to the customer. If an upgrade leads to equipment no longer working as normal, Telenor will rectify the issue. If the upgrade causes a fault in the customer's equipment, the customer is entitled to compensation.


The customer may terminate their subscription with immediate effect. Any monthly fee for the current month that has been prepaid will not be refunded upon termination.